Challenge journal


If you love challenging your reading life, this challenge journal is for you! When Marion reached out to me asking if I could make a challenge journal, I immediately loved the idea of it. Thank you Marion for this lovely idea and your help!

This journal consists of 25 challenges:

- A to Z challenge: book edition

- A to Z challenge: author edition

- Romance bingo

- Fantasy bingo

- Mystery bingo

- Young adult bingo

- Continent challenge: read a book set in different continents of the world

- Board game: decide what your next read will be by playing a board game

- Backlist challenge

- Diversify your reading

- Diversity reading challenge

- Color challenge

- Cover challenge

- Decades challenge

- 123 challenge

- Read the trope challenge

- Birth year challenge

- Books made into movies

- Name challenge

- Bookish bingo

- Make your own bingo

- Never have I ever

- Finish a series challenge

- Recommended challenge: read a book recommended by others

- Unhaul challange

- 102 review spots

The book in total consists of 82 pages.