We are concerned about the protection of personal data. We undertake to ensure the best level of protection for your personal data in accordance with the European and Belgian regulations that apply in this area.

For all information about the protection of personal data, you can also consult the website of the Belgian data protection authority www.autoriteprotectiondonnees.be.

Who processes my personal data?

The controller is the company that determines for what purpose and how your personal data is used.

The personal data collected on the site are jointly processed by Ohsrslybookmarks, Potaardestraat 41, 9140 Temse, Belgium. Hereinafter referred to as "Ohsrslybookmarks".

Why does Ohsrslybookmarks collect my personal information?

Ohsrslybookmarks mainly uses your personal data for the following purposes:

- Management of orders and customer relations

We need your information for the management of your orders and their follow-up (e.g. deliveries, invoices, accounting), for the management of your debtor administration, for the follow-up of customer relations such as satisfaction surveys, complaints management and after-sales service.

- The personalization of our services and the messages we send you

Your data allows us to improve and personalize the services we offer you and the communications we send you. For example, we may send you personalized emails or recommend products that are similar to those you have already purchased or viewed and that match your interests.

- Fraud fight

The personal data collected on the site is also processed in order to secure payments and deliveries and thus guarantee you an optimal quality of service. Ohsrslybookmarks determines the level of fraud risk associated with each order. As part of this analysis, Ohsrslybookmarks is likely to question its risk prevention service providers in order to refine its analysis. Some of these service providers may become recipients of the results of the analysis performed and may use them on their own behalf to feed their own incident file.

Depending on the results of the checks carried out on the orders, Ohsrslybookmarks may take security measures, in particular requesting additional proof or suggesting an alternative delivery method. These measures have the consequence that the execution of the order is suspended or, if the result of the analysis does not guarantee the security of the order, it is cancelled. The fraudulent use of a payment method or delivery fraud may lead to the registration of the data related to the order in the Ohsrslybookmarks warning file, which may prompt Ohsrslybookmarks to carry out additional checks on future orders.

- The security of our website

We collect certain navigational data to ensure the security of our services and to detect, prevent or track any attempted malicious or computer intrusion or any violation of the terms of use of our services.

- Customer knowledge and statistics and performance of our site

We may use data to better understand our customers or for statistical purposes to analyze site activity and improve the services we offer. For example, we conduct an audience measurement, where we measure the number of pages viewed, the number of visits to the site and the activity of the visitors to the site and their return frequency.

What personal data is collected about me?

Which data?

In particular, we collect and process your name, first name, address, email address, telephone number, IP address, connection and navigation data, order history, preferences and interests, complaints. In some cases we collect location data, for example to provide you with the nearest relay point.

The mandatory or optional nature of the data is indicated with an asterisk at the time of collection. Some data is collected automatically as a result of your actions on the site, other information may be passed on by partners.


We collect the information you provide to us, in particular when:
- you create your customer account on our site
- you place an order on our site
- you participate in a game or competition
- you contact our customer service
- you write a comment.

What communications am I likely to receive?


    Service e-mails

After placing an order, you will receive an email to track your order (order confirmation, information about the delivery of your package, information about the availability of a product...). These service messages are necessary for the proper execution of the orders and services you have requested. The receipt of this information is not linked to the choices you would have made to receive newsletters and commercial offers. For example: If we make an update to our site that affects the login to your account, we will send you an email to explain the new login procedure or to respond in the event of a login problem.

On what legal basis and for how long is my personal data processed?

The processing of your personal data is justified on various grounds (legal basis), depending on the use we make of the personal data. Below you will find the legal bases and retention periods that we use for our main processing operations.

Legal basis for the processing

Ohsrslybookmarks collects and processes your data for specific and legal purposes. The processing of your data largely takes place within the framework of the purchase contract concluded between you and Ohsrslybookmark. Some processing is then carried out to fulfill legitimate interests, such as, for example, our tax or accounting obligations.

Retention periods

Most data (e.g. customer account information and order history) is retained as long as you are an "active" customer and for a period of 5 years after your last activity (e.g. purchase, login to your account, or expiration of a contract or warranty). Your data will then be archived with limited access for an additional period of 5 to 10 years, for limited reasons allowed by law (payment, warranty, disputes, etc.). After this period they will be deleted.

Who are the recipients of my data?

Transfer of data to subcontractors

The data we collect may be passed on to service providers (subcontractors) - who use the Store to perform its services for the purposes mentioned above, for example for the management, fulfillment, processing, payment and shipping of your orders, as well as for marketing activities.

How can I express my choices regarding the use of my data?

You can withdraw your consent or object to the use of your data as described above at any time:
- By email to info@ohsrslybookmarks.com
- By post to: Ohsrslybookmarks, Potaardestraat 41, 9140 Temse, Belgium

What are my rights with regard to the use of personal data?

In accordance with the regulations on the protection of personal data, you can exercise your rights (access, rectification, deletion, opposition, limitation and transferability if applicable) by e-mail to info@ohsrslybookmarks.com or by post to: Ohsrslybookmarks, Potaardestraat 41 , 9140 Temse, Belgium

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Authority on their website www.privacycommission.be.

Will my data be transferred outside the European Union?

You are informed that for the above purposes your data may be transferred to companies located in countries outside the European Union that have a lower level of data protection than in the European Union. Before any transfer outside the European Union, Ohsrslybookmarks will take all necessary measures and guarantees to secure such transfers.

Transfers outside the European Union may take place in particular in the context of our following activities: customer service, IT services, fraud prevention, use of data in connection with social networks.

What about the personal data of minors?

Ohsrslybookmarks' services are not intended for minors and therefore Ohsrslybookmarks does not process data specifically related to minors. For example, we do not create marketing profiles that relate to minors.

It is up to the parents and any person exercising parental authority to decide whether their minor child is allowed to use Ohsrslybookmarks' services.