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Want to request a bookmark design or have a lovely product idea? All requests welcome below!

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About ohsrslybookmarks

We're ohsrslybookmarks, and we're here to help you show off your love of books. We’re a brand that loves books and all things bookish. We believe that reading should be a fun and exciting experience.

We've got the most colorful bookmarks, reading journal, notepads, and keychains —because who wants boring when there's so much to love about reading? Our tote bags are designed to hold all your books, including those that are too big for your bag. And if you've got a long commute or just like reading in public places (guilty!), our bookmarks will let people know your favorite book (and maybe even draw them into reading one themselves).

If you have any questions, you can message me on Instagram (@ohsrslybookmarks).