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Hi there, I'm Joy!

About the creator

I'm Joy, the creater and owner of ohsrslybookmarks. I'm a university student and small business owner based in Belgium. I have 4 cats, who love being on pictures with my products somehow.

I absolutely love designing uplifting and colorful products and uplift others. My designs are turned into bookmarks, stickers and stationery!

About the brand

In the middle of the COVID-19 crisis, around May 2021, ohsrslybookmarks was created. My ultimate goal is to spread some positivity through my designs in though times. I also love reading indie books, for which no bookmarks seemed to exist online. I decided to create them myself!

After weeks of designing digital illustrations, I decided that I wanted to turn these into products. This is where ohsrslybookmarks was created, with my first ever bookmark design. I took the leap and opened my Etsy shop (which is still open). After sending 2 of my bookmark designs to a supplier, I decided I wanted to keep the whole production process with me. I now print, laminate and finish every bookmark.

Fast forward to today, I have expanded my products and designs. Up until today, I have 81 bookmark designs for sale. I have now also started making notepads, notebooks, magnetic bookmarks, stickers and posters. 

I am continuously creating more designs and adding more products to the shop. So be sure to keep an eye out on the shop!

Let's connect

Instagram: @ohsrslybookmarks

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