Spooky box

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Get spooky with our spooky box 👻

This spooky box includes:

- 4 Halloween bookmarks

- 1 Halloween magnetic bookmark

- 1 Halloween themed annotating bookmark

- 1 spooky notepad

- Stickers

- Mystery item (this is an item that hasn't been made before in our shop)

There is a possibility to add a book to the box, to get even more into the Halloween theme! This will be a new release romance book. If you'd like to know what book this will be before you buy the box, you can send me a message on Instagram (@ohsrslybookmarks) or send me an email (info@ohsrslybookmarks.com).

The bookmarks included are part of the Halloween collection on my website. If you already have some Halloween bookmarks from ohsrslybookmarks (yay!), feel free to add which bookmarks you already have to the order notes so I can make sure you don't have any doubles. 

Boxes set to ship out around the 25th of October 👻